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About Our Company

Change Through Action 

Our story begins with our mother, Maria, former Director of the Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center and the inspiration behind our fresh tea recipe. Her lifelong dedication and commitment to the deaf community has instilled in us a desire to help with advocacy. Growing up acutely aware of the difficulties and challenges faced by those who are deaf inspired us to create a company that would not only raise awareness, but more importantly be a catalyst for change.  


Along with donating a percentage of proceeds, Ri’s Tea prioritizes the hiring of deaf workers, giving them a vital space in the workforce.  Educated and qualified deaf workers are consistently turned down from jobs due to the language barrier and lack of accessibility.  Not only are we creating opportunities for members of the deaf community, but we are also giving opportunities to our customers, employees, and vendors to connect with and gain perspective from this special community.  

- Co-founders

 Sam Ruddock & Michael Ruddock 

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